About Us

LITE industries is an aluminium fabrication company with it’s own specialised extrusions, making a range of aluminium products. Based in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia, LITE industries supplies customers throughout Australia, New Zealand, Europe, United Kingdom and Ireland

LITE Guard Trench Shoring

An ultra light shoring system, developed to suit mini excavators, which can be easily transported and assembled.

Ideal for Plumbers, Drainers, Cemetery workers and other below ground workers requiring shoring.


LITE Grave Shoring Systems

Certified by a qualified Engineer and meeting the safety requirements of AS 4744.1-2000 (Australian Standard for Trench Shoring), the LITE Guard grave shoring systems include:

  • Cemetery shield and end closure panels
  • Box Section Shoring
  • Safety Lids and Decking
  • Cutting Edges
  • Cemetery Trailer